Are you using an inhaler for Asthma or COPD? Do you want us to help you get the best benefit from it? Davina Pharmacy offers a free Inhaler Technique consultation to check that you are using your Inhaler in the best way possible, ensuring that your medicine is effective in helping you to manage your asthma.
  • We can check your inhaler technique using Aerosol Inhalation Monitor.
  • The monitor will check the flow, synchronization and breath holding is appropriate.
  • Using your inhaler correctly delivers the medication to your lungs, where it can work to control your symptoms.
Think your inhaler technique is fine? You might be surprised. Even if you've been using the same asthma medicine for years, you could have developed some bad habits with your technique. Lots of people aren't getting the full benefits, and a few tweaks to how you're using your inhaler can make all the difference.
  • Most patients with asthma or COPD do not use their inhalers properly, and most have not had their technique checked or corrected by a health professional.
  • Incorrect inhaler technique increases the risk of severe flare-ups and hospitalisation for people with asthma or COPD.
  • Poor asthma symptom control is often due to incorrect inhaler technique.
  • Checking inhaler technique can improve asthma management.
For more information or to book an appointment with our pharmacist, please call us on 01942 883029 or get in touch via the contact form.
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Davina Pharmacy
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Superintendent Pharmacist: Ashok Mehta