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Only 1 in 7 high-risk women take breast cancer prevention drug

'Nearly 90% o women at risk of breast cancer shun preventative drugs' The Independent reports

Low testosterone levels 'linked to chronic diseases'

"Men with low levels of testosterone are more likely to get a chronic illness," says the Mail Online, reporting on a US health survey.

No evidence that 'friendly bacteria' will help with osteoarthritis

The Mail Online reports that “junk food loving bacteria” in your gut rather than excess weight could be linked with osteoarthritis

Machine that keeps livers 'alive' may boost transplant rates

"Keeping donated livers 'alive' with a machine prior to transplants boosts the chances of a successful operation, a landmark trial has found," reports BBC News.

24-hour blood pressure monitoring 'better than one-off clinic checks'

'Blood pressure readings at home 50 per cent more accurate' The Daily Telegraph reports

Most UK women 'not nutritionally prepared for pregnancy' finds review

"British women are woefully unprepared for pregnancy because they're living unhealthy lifestyles, new research has found," reports the Metro.
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