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Vaping and using nicotine patches in pregnancy linked to cot death

'Using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches during pregnancy could increase the risk of cot death in newborns, an early study has found' Sky News reports

Minimal evidence to show omega-3 prevents heart disease

"It's oil a myth," states The Sun, while the Daily Telegraph encourages people to "buy more vegetables instead of omega-3 supplements to improve heart health".

'Proof' it's fats, not carbs, that cause weight gain - but only in mice

"Fat consumption is the only cause of weight gain!" declares the Mail Online, reporting on a study where mice were exposed to different diets and monitored for weight gain and increased energy intake.

Could virtual reality help cure fear of heights?


'No solid evidence' vitamin D keeps the brain healthy

'Scientists claim there is 'no convincing evidence' so-called sunshine supplements protect people from memory loss' the Mail Online reports

New guidelines issued on the 'STI most people have never heard of'

'Emerging sex disease MG 'could become next superbug' reports BBC News about a sexually transmitted bacterial infection (STI) called mycoplasma genitalium (MG), which is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics
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